Do's and Dont's


  • Pick the right helmet for the right activity. Helmets are not interchangeable.
  • Inspect your helmet for cracks and any other damage.
  • Wear the helmet correctly.
  • Make sure your helmet fits properly and chinstrap is snapped on.
  • Follow guidelines and regulations found on all warning labels.
  • Learn proper equipment fitting techniques to reduce the risk of concussions and ensure optimal protection.
  • Recertify your helmet every year.
  • Adjust chinstrap, jaw pads, and face masks to fit.
  • Use proper tackling and blocking techniques that do not involve leading with the helmet.


  • Use a helmet that is ten years old or older (The ten years shall be determined by the manufacturer’s date).
  • Paint or use any adhesives or aerosols on helmets, all waxes, cleaners, adhesives, and paint should be applied by an approved NOCSAE licensee. Any modification of helmets other than by NOCSAE licensees will void the manufacturer’s warranty and cause deterioration of the shell and/or linings of the helmet.
  • Modify to alter your helmet in any way to make fit or add accessories.
  • Remove labels or stickers from manufacturer’s safety information.
  • Use your helmet to butt, ram, or spear an opponent because of the risk of catastrophic head or spinal injury or even death.
  • Share your helmet with other players.
  • Sit on, lean on, or throw your helmet.